Elijah Mills

A fiction-first, GM-optional role-playing game about mundane people encountering old magic in ancient places.
Investigate supernatural mysteries
Escape meat loaf while listening to Meat Loaf
A one-page RPG for those who love tater tots.
Hike through Bob Ross inspired landscapes to visit someone dear to you.
Generate creatures made by super high wizards.
This castle was definitely built by super high wizards.
Classes, a dungeon, and items mechanic for the PLAYING.DOING.DYING system.
TTRPG on a business card.
Tell a wild western tale using poker-like mechanics.
A role-playing game of mystical intrigue.
A one-shot role-playing game of drowning pirates.
A one-shot role-playing game of magical ineptitude.
The Table Top Role-Playing Experience System

Supported by Elijah Mills